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    President's speech


          First of all, I am on behalf of Jiangsu Daqin Electric Co., Ltd. welcome you to visit the site of Jiangsu Daqin; and hope that through the platform can make you better understand the Jiangsu Daqin, and can be harvested! Today, we are increasingly strong business strength, strong brand, First-class management system, excellent quality reputation, perfect service support, strong technical support, rich information resources, deep cultural heritage, for the development of a new era to play the unique advantages of Jiangsu Daqin.

          Recalling the business so far, Jiangsu Daqin Electric Co., Ltd. has gone through six years of ups and downs, in the growing development of the same time, our company always adhere to the "integrity, cooperation, efficiency and innovation" purposes, continue to market high quality, high quality Products and services.

          In the process of development, we have the community friends and the majority of customers trust and support, here, on behalf of all the staff of Jiangsu Daqin to care and support the development of Jiangsu Daqin friends expressed my heartfelt thanks!

          Looking to the future, we will be excellent design capabilities and quality products as the main body to high-quality talent groups as the basis, to the leading market share as the goal, to create a vibrant and vibrant modern Jiangsu Daqin Electric Group's image, at the same time We will be in the product structure, performance optimization, quickly to the domestic and world-class brand efforts, science and technology as the main line, market-oriented, due to the situation for the development of China's green industry and create brilliant achievements.

          In the world economic globalization process is accelerating today, we will, as always, Ye-and the elite cooperation, enthusiasm for the majority of customer service at home and abroad, look forward to more people joined and cooperation, to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.

          Warm and honest Qin people are willing to pass this window, GUANG company of friends, go hand in hand for a better tomorrow!