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    Group introduction

          Jiangsu Daqin Electric Co., Ltd., established on August 25, 2003, after nearly 10 years of high-speed and stable development, in September 2010 set up the company and moved to Zhenjiang New District, the new company covers an area of ??about 300 acres, planning construction area 80000 square meters, a project of 10,000 square meters of administrative complex and 30,000 square meters of modern plant has been put into use.

          Group under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Daqin Electric Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Daqin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Maoyuan Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang City Yadong General Electric Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Nuoma Tai Electric Power Equipment Co., Products include pipe hanger, pipe embedded parts, flanges, bridges, bus, switchgear, relying on the industry's leading technical strength and production capacity, as well as nearly 10 years of accumulated experience for more than a thousand large projects at home and abroad Providing all the excellent products, services, including five major power generation group, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Nuclear Industry Group and other large enterprise groups, won the praise and trust of users. In 2016, the company completed nearly 100 million sales results, 2017 is expected to reach 400 million yuan, and strive to achieve double.

          Company employees more than 300 people, more than 30 technical staff, including three senior engineers, engineers, six people. The company is well equipped, has a world-class CNC high-pressure water cutting equipment, IF push equipment and element quantitative analysis equipment, with the leading domestic physical and chemical testing center, and CNC scissors, CNC Coil, CNC plasma cutting, , Planing, shot peening, hydraulic molding and other types of equipment more than 100 sets of sets. With the design, manufacture, development, installation, commissioning, such as a complete service capabilities, and product import and export qualification certificate.

          Development so far, Jiangsu Daqin Electric Group in the focus on efficiency, attention to the responsibility at the same time, formed a "we are big Qin people" as the core, "quality is based on this, innovation is the development of the soul" for the concept of corporate culture The core of the core competitiveness. At the same time business leaders to eclectic talent strategy, fully aware of the talent is the company's sustainable development of the protection of the company for the selection of talents at the same time, but also for the majority of staff to provide a full self-development platform.

          Daqin Group has a group of vibrant staff, they formed a sincere cooperation team. The team in the tireless for the customer, but also for the business of tomorrow and struggle.